About Us

Good Balance
Product Development

Creativity Price Quality

Thanks to the variety of suppliers (over 20) working with us, the Studio creates new workmanships mixing together the different techniques at disposal with an eye on costs. Our goal is to help clients to find out a good balance between creativity, price and quality.

Innovative Solutions

Working for the majority of the luxury brands Gianni has realized how many different services of research and outsourcing they need. Thanks to his relationships with brands on one side and suppliers on the other he has created a sinergic way of collaborating with designers and PD teams.  His motto is to listen first and then find innovative solutions.

Designers Consulting

Thanks to her experience in the area of Product Development and Industrialization she’s now the manager in charge to follow designers, start ups and established brands from prototypes to production of accessories, shoes, large and small leather goods. Lilia worked internally for brands like: Prada, Malo, Burberry and Ralph Lauren before joining the Studio.

Training & Workshop

The Studio organizes workshops and courses directly at brands or Fashion Institutes with the aim to help students, designers and new employees to acquire basic skills on materials, accessories and techniques.According to the specific requests we work on trainings focused on raw materials, hardware and techniques and/or finished goods production.Lessons will be inside the class and outside, visiting suppliers and factories with a detailed explanation of the production processes.

Team Work Matters

Team work is the trademark of our office. We are leaders in our areas of expertise but a great team. We all work together to make your dream projects come true.


Listen First and Find Innovative Solutions

We provide solutions for:

  • Research, product design and development of materials and accessories.
  • Prototypes production and technical check.
  • Estimates and cost analysis on multiple qualitative platforms.
  • Technical support and problem solving (costs/timing/quality).

Work With Us

Helping clients to finalize their projects with a good balance between creativity, price and quality.
Our motto is to listen first and then find innovative solutions.