Founded in Scandicci (Florence) in 2008 by Gianni Volpi with an innovative idea in mind: support designers and brands not only in research of materials and accessories as a standard agency but also in the study and creation of their “customized” solutions. Thanks to the variety of suppliers (over 20) working with us, the Studio creates new workmanships mixing together the different techniques at disposal with an eye on costs. Our goal is to help clients to find out a good balance between creativity, price and quality.


Gianni Volpi is the founder and owner of the Studio. After 20 years in Prada where he worked in different areas with a specialization in hardware and accessories as technician and buyer, in 2009 he decided to make his own experience as Commercial Director at LEM – one of the main galvanic companies in Italy. Working for the majority of the luxury brands he realized how many different services of research and outsourcing they needed. Thanks to his relationships with brands on one side and suppliers on the other he created a sinergic way of collaborating with designers and PD teams. His motto is to listen first and then find innovative solutions.